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What better way to remember your old class mates from Primary School, than a Graduoke®. Not only a good memory for the kids, but for the parents as well!

It works like this. You pick a song, we come into school, close to the end of term and spend the day recording, normally 2, classes over the day. Class one in the morning, Class 2 in the afternoon.

We go away and edit it and then deliver before they break for summer

Price is £15 per DVD per child for 1 class, per year
Price is £13 per DVD per child for 2 classes, per year
Price is £10 per DVD per child for 3 classes, per year

Every child has to have permission from a parent or guardian. We provide a letter to be handed out. Every child receives a copy on DVD.

All staff are DBS checked. For more information, please get in touch.

View some examples below.