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The Graduoke® is one of the “best days ever” at school for children!

What better way to remember your old classmates from Primary School than to spend one of the last days there making your very own pop video together?


Celebrate the end of Primary School and create memories to keep forever.

You pick the song, we come into school towards the end of summer term and spend a fun day directing and recording Year 6 pupils to create a Graduoke® pop video.

Once filming is complete, we go away, edit and deliver before the children break up for the holidays. Every child receives a password-protected online digital link, from which the video can be viewed or downloaded as a file.

It works like this:

1. Speak to your school and agree a few suggested dates.

2. Contact us to agree and confirm your date.

3. Complete your Graduoke® booking online here.

4. Once you have booked, you will be able to download guidelines and an example permission
letter to distribute to parents or guardians.

5. Every child must have signed permission from a parent or guardian in order to partake.

6. Full payment must be made to us at least one week before filming.

7. We attend and create an awesome Graduoke® pop video.

8. An approval link of the video will be emailed to whomever organised the Graduoke®.

9. Once approved, the online link can be shared or downloaded. Please note no disc/DVD is provided, this is a digital only delivery.


£15 per child – Minimum of 25 pupils


All staff are Enhanced DBS-checked. For more information, please get in touch.

View some examples below.