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Video Licence


The Limited Manufacture Licence is quick, affordable and grants you ‘blanket’ permission to legally use any music in your own CDs, DVDs or videos (and other formats) – that’s any music, from any genre, by any artist including the big names; from Elvis and The Beatles to Adele and Jamie Bugg.

When you book, you can order a one-off licence for just £35, which we will then purchase on your behalf.

The LM Licence covers…

  • The copyright in the Musical Work (MCPS)
  • The copyright in the Sound Recording (PPL)

The LM Licence is…

  • Perfect for weddings, christenings, funerals and family/holiday videos.
  • Ideal for signed or unsigned band, choir and orchestra CDs.
  • Suitable for DVD reproductions of school plays, amateur dramatics, voluntary or non-registered charities and community projects.