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The disposable-camera service for 21st-Century Weddings.

A digital service giving coverage of every single table during the Wedding Breakfast, providing Brides and Grooms with memories of their day that they would never normally get to see

Highlights can include:

Its all down to your guests and you! Digital copies of an unlimited number of Videos and Photos are all supplied on DVD.

Tablebooth® is priced at £50 per iPod, per table. A minimum of 6 iPods is required. Tablebooth® can only be booked with a Photo, Video or Marryoke package or is FREE with any winter wedding (Nov-Feb) combination package booked!



The ‘in’ thing at the moment, Selfies. The difference compared with disposable cameras is that you can see what you are shooting.

Every image will be supplied to you on DVD.

Videos and Video Messages

The great thing about Tablebooth® is that you can you take photos, as well as video.

Be it a video message for the Bride and Groom or some of the silliness that happens around the table, you can capture it all.

Every video will be supplied to you on DVD.