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Video Virtual Tours

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it global changes, from the ways we interact to how we make plans for the future. This impact has been felt in businesses and venues up and down the country, placing limits on how they can showcase their trade, premises, products and progress, and hindering communications with client-base and markets.

The 2020 pandemic was the catalyst to TDH Media seeking out new and imaginative ways to adapt to unknown times.

Our suite of Covid video solutions affords any venue, business or location the opportunity to invite its customers and visitors to remotely research its premises and products.

The first is Video Virtual Tours.

These immersive, non-interactive (no point-and-click!) video-audio guides provide fun, informative exploration of any site, and can eliminate the need to book an inconvenient appointment far in advance. You can remain visible and accessible to potential clients whilst following strict government guidelines.

Take a look below.